UX Design

Website, mobile application or software projects all have one thing in common: they need an interface.

Sharamiz designs applications, interfaces and websites based on researchs, observation and best practices.


In 2007 Amazon reported that for every 100 ms increase in load time of Amazon.com their sales decreased by 1%.

Google found that by reducing the size of the page from 100KB to 80KB, their traffic shot up by 10% in the first week and then 25% in the following three weeks.


Developing an app or a website typically comes down to knowing 3 main languages: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

We are in an era where technology no longer supports developers, but drives them. They are going into the wrong direction, less code solves more problems!

By speeding up your sites you're not just contributing to a better user experience for your users, but also a better user experience for the web!

Since 1997 We are creator of products

User interface - illustration
Created a really tiny (13 Kb) and fast engine power by Node.js with a custom templating.

Geo Editor
A wysiwyg interface to edit or drawing any kind of geojson data.

Created a really tiny and fast engine power by Node.js with a custom templating.

Racing Bar Charts
A charts to visualize multiple data animate.

Webtools demo
An interface to visualize lot of examples base from SML (Smart Loader).

Cookie Consent Kit
A dedicate cookie component to be align with the point of view of the European Commission.

Accessibility Map
Lot of improvements for map component to be more accessible on different devices.

Bubblegrid and Choropleth
Plugins to visualize on map data from EUROSTAT.

Advanced Business Intelligence Server
A core engine to visualize big data from different instances base form Node.js.

Experimental interface - illustration
An experimental interface without using Javascript.

Aria Controllers
The goal of this project was to force aria controlers attributes usage to increase the accesibility on web.

Smart Countries
A custom strategy plugins for loading on view country on a map.

An experimental interface without using Javascript.

Webtools Panel
An interface build on the fly and accessible directly from any website.

An experimental slideshow to be more user friendly.

Europa Component Library WT
Analyse the existing library to be more lite, centralize and flexible.

Smart countries map - illustration
Check if a link to a page or a document is also available in other languages.

Embed a regular responsive iframe into your page.

Story map
The Story map (SMAP) is a map that tells a story in a sequence of scenes. With each scene, the map will pan and zoom in to the geo location covered in that scene.

Language coverage
The language coverage service (LACO) offers end-users the possibility to check if a link to a page or a document is also available in other languages.

Super Cluster
Clustering millions of points on a map with this plugin.

Smart responsive image
Maybe the most standard component that any developer should have.

Smart loader (SML)
A smart API to process on view any component from the viewport.

Too many ...
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